Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bountiful Budleigh

Another quick dash to Budleigh last night. Ewart was joined by long term boating buddy (and long term sufferer of Ewarts mishaps on and off the river)  Andy, (Jemmas partner).

It was Andy's first time out kayak fishing so Ewart gave him his lucky feathers (actually a little glow in the dark shrimp lure) to give him a head start. And it worked! Not more than 5 mins out Andy struck the Mackerel pot, without Ewart seeing it he thought it was too small so chucked it back. He won't make that mistake again. The little glow in the dark shrimps continued to work their magic for quite a while with Andy bagging a nice haul with some good size Mackerel. Great stuff for a first effort.

Ewart tried some new lures, a similar pattern but this time he opted for some darker blue ones to try and match the low light conditions. Paddling out over the reef though showed very clear water and he thought they might not work. 2 mins later, bang, in with a brace of Mackies. This continued to be the pattern for a good hour or so. Soon they were joined by Ewarts fishing hero Tom who paddled out on his Malibu 2 xl for a spot of spear fishing. Tom has got right into this lately and is really producing the goods. 3 dives saw him bag 2 nice Mullet, both around the 3-4lb range, not that big for Mullet or for Budleigh but good enough for the plate.

After Andys beginners luck began to wear out snagging on the bottom and having some gear malfunctions they started to paddle in.
Ewart has been desperate to catch some thing other than Mackies and really wanted to try out some other plastics he had picked up. A quick change over to a small plastic sand eel and a few passes over the quickly filling reef didn't produce any thing, one more pass..... a bit further out, a touch more line and ding! a nice bend but no real fight from a shiney green Pollock! Happy days, first fish on the new eel. Right, some more of that, another pass and yes, straight in with another Pollock. To say he was pleased was an understatement. Bigger and better next time!

 Plenty of other paddlers mucking about in the rising tide and small swell.

 Andys big one.
 The cloudy stormy looking front never really came overhead but moved off north. A nice evening in the end.

                                                 Tom popping up from a spear gun dive.

Mackies and a couple of Pollock. 
The Ocean kayak Prowler Ultra 4.1 didn't disappoint on this trip, quick, stable and the central hatch is perfect for chucking fish in!