Thursday, 12 December 2013

X League flash back.

Nookie used to run a regular freestyle league at the River Dart Country Park back in the middle of the last decade (makes it sound so long ago!).

Usually the event was held in the Anvil play feature created by the weir within the park grounds (at the take out for the Loop).

The format was either a jam session or timed runs about a minute or so I think. It was definitely long enough to get knackered and a pasting, usually both.
At low levels the hole was pretty retentive but great for all the hole moves of the time, cartwheels, splits, loops, space godzillas etc. The phonix monkey was yet to be deployed.

When the levels were low or there wasn't many paddlers the ramp came into play. About 2 cumecs of water shot down the rickety ramp which gave you quite a lot of speed but the kicker was harsh and to get a nice flight was pretty tricky. Cue lots of face planting, hard landings, nasty high brace scenarios.

We have some more photos some where. We will try and dig them out.
Ewart loads up for a massive freewheel back in the day..