Friday, 10 January 2014

Burn 3 Large - First Impressions

Andrew Bonney of Gene17Kayaking was keen to get his hands on our Pyranha Burn 3 Large Demo to give it a spin on one of the West Country's finest rivers, the East Lyn.

All Photos are of Andrew Bonney and taken by Nick Pearce.

Here is what he had to say:

"Today I got to try the new Large Burn on the East Lyn. The new Burn feels like the mix of the Everest and the old burn, slightly narrower fit and a seating position with a booster seat to bring myself out the boat.

The Burn holds it's line really well, tracks beautifully with great speed and the new rails grip the water fantastic.

Keeping the nose up and using its speed to make to fly when boofing is effortless. The Burn is forgiving and stable as you transfer your edges in mid flight or in the water. A great advantage is that it's light to carry and the simple outfitting works well. All in all a great new design.

 I weigh 87KG  and if I were to have a load of kit in the back I would prefer the next size up to handle the weight."

If you are interested in demoing or buying the Large or Medium then please get in touch 01392 219600

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