Thursday, 16 January 2014

Burn 3 Large Review.

Helen Johnson smiling after 'Euthanasia'. Photo: David Johnson
We love it when our customers really find a product they click with.  Helen Johnson recently came in and demoed the Pyranha Burn 3 Large, on the Exe Canal, then on the Upper Dart and got on with it so much Helen bought one.

I asked Helen to write a review as she is an experienced paddler who (I found out after talking to her about PFD's) is strong minded about what kit she chooses to use and why. Here is what Helen had to say: 

"I’ve been looking for a new boat for a long time….probably nearly 5 years if I’m honest.  It’s not through lack of trying out new boats – there was the one that gave me a permanent dead right leg, one that I just couldn’t get my legs into, the one that wasn’t compatible with my paddling style and the one that was way too heavy!  That’s just the ones I got as far as white water with, several more were dismissed on shop floors or in car parks trying out friends’ boats.

Well finally, I’ve found a new boat in the Large Pyranha Burn 3.

Helen Demoing at our Waterside Shop

It’s not often that I’ve been classed as a ‘Large’ paddler.  I’m about 170cm tall and about 70kg but I tend to paddle with a minimum of some splits, 2 throwlines and a first aid kit in the back of my boat.  On first glance I’d appear outside the weight range of 75-95kg but when you add in my kit I actually fall into it quite nicely.  The ‘Large’ looked really big on the shop floor but what was obvious when I sat in the boat was that actually it seemed smaller and a fairly good size for me.  I’d tried a Burn years ago and hadn’t liked what I found to be a narrow knee position.  Sitting in the Burn 3 it seemed to be a very natural seating position and a slightly wider leg position.

I took it for a demo on the canal outside AS Watersports and it appeared very well balanced.  Quick to accelerate and snappy in the turn.   I really liked how it felt but in particular the raised lip at the back of the seat which really helped me feel like I was connecting with the boat. 

I liked it so much that the next day I took it for a demo on the Upper Dart and I was really impressed. Even with my kit in it was a nice manageable weight to carry and the outfitting was simple to adjust even in the middle of the car park.  On the water the main thing that struck me was the speed you could maintain coming out of a drop or making a boof.  It reacted really nicely when you wanted it to turn but also maintained tracking when you eased off.

Anyway, the one advantage of taking 5 years to find my new boat is that I’d saved up for it nicely… and yes, I now paddle a Pyranha Burn 3.  I’m not a professional paddler and I’m not sponsored but I really like the boat and was asked to write a review for it – I hope it’s been useful and look forward to seeing you all on the water!"

Boof. Photo David Johnson.

Review by:          Helen Johnson 

Photos by:          David Johnson