Monday, 3 March 2014

The Palm FXr Has Landed!

The Palm FXr is based on their hugely popular Palm FX buoyancy aid. The success of the FX is due to its low bulk cut, which allows for a great range of movement. It also features long, easy to adjust shoulder straps. This allows you to wear the PFD low, while the Palm 3D waist makes sure it stays there, even during the most turbulent swims.
Palm FXr beside the Palm FX
The FX and FXr both feature a large pocket, to carry all of your river essentials.
The FXr is the same proven cut as the FX, but with added features to make it much more suited to the white water paddler.
The Palm FXr uses the strong Cordura 500D Fabric

The FXr uses Cordura 500D face fabric. This is much tougher than the Nylon 200D used on the FX. So we can expect this PFD to last longer, and withstand a life on fast moving water.

The one piece Fail Safe shoulder straps join to the grippy 3D waist.
A specific knife pocket means you always know where your knife is.

The Palm Fxr has a quick access knife pocket
Stylish, and easy to access
The biggest and most significant difference between the two buoyancy aids is the addition of a removable safety harness on the FXr.

The Palm FXr Safety Harness is easy to remove

The white water harness is a great tool for those who are trained and confident in rescues, as well as those who plan to be trained.

The safety harness in use

The harness has a number of uses, most commonly it is used to attach a line so the wearer can enter the water. As in the picture above, where a paddle is being retrieved.

Both colour options for the Palm FXr
The FXr comes in bold Sherbert or smart Aqua
This PFD suits those who value a light, low bulk buoyancy aid that feels like its not there when things are going well but has all the features and float needed for white water when things aren't going so well.

At £109.95 RRP this is a great value PFD that's going to be a popular choice for newcomers and seasoned pros alike.

Palm FXr

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