Monday, 12 May 2014

Kokatat Meridian Gore Tex Drysuit review

We have had a good review back in from Nick Pearce on his Gore Tex Meridian Drysuit from Kokatat.
No surprises, He's loving it.
See what he has to say below:

So for the last 6 months I have been using the very well tried and tested Kokatat Meridian GoreTex dry suit. Before this suit I used a range of dry suits from the likes of Palm and Level 6.

The fabric: Now I have to say the first thing that you notice with this suit is when you get off the water you are dry. Not a little damp from sweat, but bone dry like I have never been before. The suit is just simply superb at keeping you dry and getting rid of all the sweat that built up inside, wicking it away out of the fabric.

The Cut: Before I got this suit I had only worn suits with zips along the back and so was a little sceptical whether I would get on with the over the shoulder zip but no such problem. I don’t even know it is there, If anything it is less intrusive than the back zip on my last suit. This also gives the up side of being able to get in and out of the suit on your own making changing a whole lot better. The rest of the cut offers you a full range of movement with very little to no restriction, the suit feels light and supple. 

The features: Compared to some of the suits on the market this dry suit may look a bit old school and simple, but in my eyes it does what it needs to very well and no more, I like this kind of simplicity. Why have loads of things that you don’t need? There is one small pocket on the chest this is the perfect size for a car key,  then there are simple neoprene neck and wrist cuffs with no tags and Velcro to catch, the Velcro flaps on the waist and ankles are simple flaps with big patches to grip to and to finish it off with a relief zip. 

The durability: I have only been wearing the suit for 6 months but I can say that it has been put through its paces and still looks like new, so ok its not beading up any more but the quality is outstanding. With having been in the rafting industry for the last 5 years I've seen loads of gear come and go but for the whole of that time Kokatat have been making this suit and it is still the leading suit for quality on the market. One final thing to keep in mind: One of my work colleagues sent his suit back in to Kokatat this winter for a service and this suit has seen 5 years of hard rafting abuse and they pressure tested it then patched the suit for him replacing the seals and socks. A few days ago we're there out on the water he said to me it is just like having a brand new dry suit again. Now if that's not service I don’t know what is.

To sum up I don’t think I can come up with anything bad about this suit, I think tried and tested and now trusted sums it up best.

You can follow Nicks progress raft guiding in Norway this summer (his adopted home) by checking out his blog: