Friday, 15 August 2014

Deep Water Solo climbing at the Quay.

Next weekend is the first Deepwater Solo climbing competition in the UK and its happening right here in the heart of Exeter on the canal outside the shop.

So? Well we would like to tell you about a few changes that will be happening at the shop over the weekend of 30-31st August.  

We will be operating as normal where we can. However:
  • We will NOT be doing any demos as the canal will be very busy outside the shop and we do not have access to our pontoon (being used for judging).
  • There will be no tuition or coaching over the weekend. Liam, our head coach is co-ordinating the water safety team.
  • We ask you to be patient, the shop floor is likely to be very busy with people browsing as well as shopping. We will endeavour to continue our normal service where possible. 

  • Hire: Our hire services will be running as normal but launching from a different pontoon further down the canal. Please call the shop on the normal number (below) to make your booking. 

There will be lots happening on the Quay. All the local cafes including Marmalade and Lutzy's will have special offers on their fine coffees and cakes etc. 
Come and check out the event, its fully sold out and the first of its kind in the UK attracting some very high profile national and international climbers. Check out the Facebook page for more info.