Thursday, 13 November 2014

A warm welcome to the Small Pyranha Burn...

In 2013 Pyranha Kayaks introduced the Third evolution of the Burn.

The Burn got a real face lift and one of the biggest changes that people really liked was that the front deck got narrower.  The Burn has never felt smoother, sleeker  or faster.

Now as of November 2014 the most exciting change is that Pyranha offer the Burn in 4 sizes.

The following weight ranges are approx.

The XL for the 90 – 120kg paddler, 

The Large for the 75kg to 95kg paddler, 

The Medium for the 55kg to 75kg 

Now we are here to introduce the latest addition to the family.

The Small Burn for the 45kg to 60Kg paddler.

We have every size as a demo, so come try.

My working life is split 65% coaching and %35 retail and a lot of free time spent on the water. This is a boat as a instructor and as retailer I have been needing for some time!

Here are my top three reasons why the Small Burn is going to be my first choice, go to smaller persons river runner!

(Get out clause! I am generalising with these statements and I have a certain paddler in mind with these comments. This is because it's a conversation that has come up time and time again with customers/students)

1.) Scales down well – the older Burn wasn't that small, often I’d put a smaller person in that boat and their immediate responses was that it felt to wide. The Burn 3 is much narrower in the front and because of that when it scales down to the Small, it doesn't just suit there weight range but also the stature and the shape of a smaller paddler.

2.)Light – (again see back to my get out clause) but I have had real problem recently with smaller river runners/creek boats for a smaller person. Some of the smaller boats here are a good size but it’s a non-starter because the boat just weighs too much! If size and strength aren’t on your side then a light boat is even more of a priority. The small burn weighs 17.8kg! Love this.

3.) The design of the boat. The Burn has always known as precise river runner. Its flat bottom holds a line and tracks beautifully though messy water. It has edges that allow you to carve and snap into eddies when you need to. The Burn has never been a boat that “needs charging” “needs to be driven hard” or bullied across the river. This shape maybe appeals to the paddler who prefers to use brain over brawn. 

Ok that sums up why I think the Burn 3 Small isn't  just a popular boat made small but a boat that may actually suit smaller paddlers.  

All that said it’s worth reminding you that this isn't a boat that relies on those three points alone.
The Burn is a pedigree proven white water boat with all the performance and safety features needed of any top end white water boat.

I am massively excited about this boat and have lined up two past students and customers to take the boat out for me and give me their thoughts.

Over and Out! 

 Liam Kirkham