Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Pyranha Burn 3 Small review.

They keep on coming! 

Pyranha deliver yet another great boat for this winter. The long awaited Burn 3 small is here! A touch smaller than the mk2 small we figured this would be well received by those who are a bit on the smaller side.   As soon as the boat came out of the wrapper at the shop we were on the phone to a local lady who fits the bill for this boat. 
Here is what she had to say: 

Tiny person’s review:
I’m 5 whole feet tall and this, I believe, was the criteria for being asked to test out the new small Burn. 65kg is the maximum recommended paddler weight for this new model compared to 95kg for the old small Burn; therefore, it really is designed for those of us who are compact. Being pint sized certainly has some advantages. For one, you get to look all hip-hop in your dry suit. And who doesn’t want to look like MC Hammer? However sometimes being one twelfth the size of a normal human, makes fully-grown boating tricky. So when Liam asked if I wanted to try out the new small Burn for teeny folk, I was interested.
At the risk of sounding like a pussy, I hate carrying my boat. It’s obese. Therefore, the weight of the Burn is pleasing. At 17.8 kg it is not a back breaker on longer walk ins and is easier to manoeuvre around. With less stature and no gun-like biceps behind me, this is a winning point for me and all those I paddle with (who don’t have to listen to me whine).
I’m at that stage when the timing of my strokes can be messy, and Liam suggested that this little Burn would track well. And it did. As you come up to a lip, concentration can go into nailing a stroke at the right time rather than correcting the meandering direction of your boat; this is a real plus. I was able to glide up to lips and be poised with an all important power stroke to get me over holes (rather than end up in them). In terms of boofing I’m still learning, but the Burn generally seemed easier than heavier boats to propel forward with my torso and flatten at the end. For my little hips, this was awesome news.

Replacing furious paddling with precision is what I was focussing on, and the Burn responded well to small movements. The front is narrow and low so I found it easier to get my torso over when learning flat spins. Nippy, fast, and precise, it carved into eddies extremely swiftly and the planning hull caught waves beautifully -as you would expect. I think it’s flatter than the previous Burn though, so this may compromise stability on bigger water. Certainly, it has far less volume than the older small model as they have added an extra size to their fleet and divided up the dimensions accordingly. Obviously, this makes it more playful and less tank-like, but it is less forgiving if you catch an edge. Depends what you are after. I had no trouble rolling the Burn despite the harder edges which was a plus. So it’s speedy, but less stable.
Compared to some of its armchair like competitors, the outfitting was somewhat basic and uncomfortable, particularly the backrest, but perhaps this is one of the compromises for the lighter weight. However, I prefer to be super comfy in a boat. All in all, a nifty little river runner for a wee-man or woman.

Devon, Nov 2015

The small Burn 3 gives great speed, driving across the white water.

Excellent agility from the sharper edges and finely tuned hull. 
                               Delivering a responsive and precise boat for the smaller paddler.