Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What a Blast – Kokatat Blast Shortie Review

What a Blast – Kokatat Blast Shortie review. I bought myself a Blast. I’m 5’10, with a 42 inch chest and 15.5inch neck and really comfortable in a medium. I love this cag and thought it time to make some noise about this great value shortie cag from Kokatat. 
Kokatat are deservedly famous for their Gore Tex dry suits but if you look through the full range there are some absolute gems.

The Kokatat blast is one of my favourite items in the shop. The shortie is made from their own brand “Tropos” waterproof, breathable fabric. Kokatat have been making paddling kit for a long time (check out this 40 years in the making video: ) they know what they are doing as a result this top had a great cut for and freedom of movement.

The Blast has a combination of punch through coated Lycra® stretch cuff on sleeves for a nice firm fit, smoothskin neoprene waistband with adjustable bungee drawcord and a neo cinch collar which adjusts easy and stays in place. This results in really comfy seal that keeps out the water even through the choppy stuff. This cag has zero latex which appeals to a lot of people. The lightness of the cag mixed with these seals makes it a great cag for either Sea Kayaking, white water or surf. I love it and if you want a new shortie this is one to look at. Get some Kokatat in your life.

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