Friday, 2 September 2016

Dagger Nomad 2016 review, the "Newmad"

A.S Ambassador Gary Peverill was one of the first folks to pick up the new Dagger Nomad from the shop. He's been away in the French Alps and beyond with the boat this summer, coaching and paddling for pleasure.

Check out his thoughts below.  Size large available for demo now. Call the shop on 01392 219600 to book a go in the latest version of the world famous creek boat.

For years now I have been paddling a Nomad 8.5, which I loved but always found it a bit small and quite unstable. I always hoped Dagger would add an extra size up, and now they have!
The 2016 Nomad has 3 different sizes of boat and the large one is bigger than the old 8.5.
They have changed the hull shape to give more speed and stability
So I ordered a new red one in large and haven’t been disappointed. A few weeks later I spent 10 days in the French Alps kayaking, which gave me a great opportunity to test it out.
So here are the things I found better than my old boat:
  1. The Nomad is big, it holds all the kit you want such as: splits, 1st aid kit, repair kit, rescue kit, phone, wallet and keys, lunch, drink, throw bag and the kitchen sink. I got 2 big airbags to keep the kit as close to me as possible in the boat and for any rescues on the boat.
  2. I moved the seat forward as  much as possible, this kept the boat slightly bow heavy to engage the edge more and loosen the stern and allowed my hands to paddle at the lower/narrower part of the boat.
  3. The seat  has an extra insert which lift your body up for better reach over the boat and make you feel less low in the boat, I am not very long in the body and being 5’9 and 16 stone I found big boats an issue for reach etc, but the nomad felt good.
  4. The fitting out foam for the foot rest, seat, hip pads ect was very secure and very comfortable and never gave me dead legs which is a first.
  5. The boat has loads of rocker which meant it didn’t get caught out in holes or pushed around by random flows, it also made it very manoeuvrable yet didn’t hinder its forward tracking or speed.
  6. The hull is slightly flatter with edges, this helps for stability and carving turns. However it still boofs and flairs and lands well after drops. 
  7. The boat surfs quite well, easy to carve and hold position as well as flat spins and control in holes and stoppers.
  8. General river paddling has been made easier which gave me more confidence, but still being able to change direction when needed and set a new course.
  9. The boat ran through waves and stoppers with no problem
  10. The boat was easy to role and hold on a large edge
  11. The fitting out of the boat and plastic is good quality
My overall impression of the boat is excellent, from paddling and playing to comfort and confidence, this boat has it all and I would highly recommend it.
Now the Nomad comes in Small, medium and large sizes, it’s worth taking a demo out as the sizes overlap the old 8.0 and 8.5. The new design has improved an already great boat.
Gary Peverill, AS Ambassador

Director of Inspiring Adventure 

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 Safe, solid and great for carry gear. Gary's perfect coaching platform.

 Big Nomad, Big volume, Big fun.

 Fully functioning Contour Ergo outfitting with lots of in cockpit adjustment for tweaking on the fly.

 The Nomad is still very agile.