Monday, 7 November 2016

First Look: 2017 Red Paddle Co 11' 3" Sport SUP

Red Paddle Co's new size in the Sport range. The 11'3" fills the gap between the lively 11' and the more touring orientated 12'6"

This is such a useful size board. It offers that bit more for the exploring paddler than the all-round Ride series.
It has the forward speed of most other 12'6"'s but without loosing stability. It has a nice balance with the wide point being right by the handle, just where your feet should be.
The tracking is great, the large 9" FCS2 SUP Touring fin really holds the line but you only have to step back a touch to free up the nose and get the board turning quickly. When you do shift your weight back it stays stable due to the wider tail. Its more stable on the back end than the Ride series, and that is down to that wide tail and large fin.
Overall a quick, stable and responsive board. Good glide for ease of paddling on longer journeys but not so big its not fun to paddle.

 The pulled in nose keeps the waterline and helps with the glide of the board.
Even at 11'3" it doesn't look big.
 The wide tail really helps with the stability for stepback turns.

 Updates to the coiled leash are good. Better neoprene padding on the cuff and loosing the adjustable webbing bit was a good move.

 RSS Battens down the rail help with the stiffness.

 New screw thread comes as standard, this will take aa RAM mount, or your favorite action sports camera. (GoPro)
 A lighter bag helps with transporting it. A nice big pocket inside for your fin and elastics to keep your paddle in place.

 Very little flex in the board due to the RSS battens.

Demo board available now. Call 01392 219600 to arrange a free demo.