Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Lettmann Manta Review.

Lettmann Manta Review. 

Thanks to local paddler Charles Mitchell for his words on the the New Lettmann Manta.

"Having paddled a Dagger Axiom 8.5 since September 2016, I decided that I ought to get a larger
volume boat. On reading that the Manta had a slalom pedigree I was very interested coming from a
slalom background.

I paddled a few boats at AS Watersports on the canal including the Manta. It looked narrower at
the front than I had expected and was the nicest to paddle on the flat water with a good snug fit
once sitting in it.

First run, the Dart on the Loop, was at a good level with the slab covered. For such a long boat it is
incredibly quick on the turn. If you catch a patch of slower moving water, while travelling down a
rapid, it wants to turn but as long as you are driving it forward it holds its line. Going into eddies it
likes to be driven with aggression and then turns very rapidly, as quick as the Axiom. Eddies with
lots of boil and standing waves are also taken in its stride without any problems. Ferry glides and
high crosses were carried out with speed and precision, again the important thing was to drive the
boat where you wanted to go.

Second run was on the Upper Dart, slab covered and, as it turned out, rising. I had not done the
Upper at this level before. My previous highest level was just lapping on the slab. This trip was
more full on with little or no breaks between rapids and much bigger holes and drops. Bearing in
mind it was my first day on white water in the Manta it inspired confidence, handling the conditions
well, and where I made mistakes the Manta’s design allowed for correction and recovery.
Summing up, the outfitting is simple but effective. Once in the boat, with the back rest pulled in,
you feel at one. Even upside down there is no tendency to fall out as you are firmly part of the boat.
It certainly put a smile on my face, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a boat for someone who likes to take
control and enjoys the challenge of big water."

 Available to demo at AS Watersports.
 RRP: £995

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