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Friday, 18 May 2012

Venture kayaks Islay 14 1st look.

 Take to the water! Its not all hard graft here at A.S. We do get to splash about a bit as well. Ewart has a quick spin in the new Venture Kayaks Islay 14.

 Jemma paddling smooth, no splashing. The Islay  is the new boat from Venture. It has design elements taken from the very successful P+H Delphin, a slightly Scandinavian look and feel about it and is generally pretty nice to paddle.

 A square-ish stern thats rudder ready and you can see there is plenty of rocker.
A roundish hull through the mid section with soft edges with a vee'd bow and stern. Initial stability is moderate, not massive but secondary is very good. This boat should suit a paddler looking for a smaller day/weekend touring boat that will be a bit more fun on moving water. It's not anywhere near as responsive or manoeuvrable as the Delphin and feels less planted than the Easky 15 but feels forgiving and easy but not too boring at the same time. Does that make sense?

 All the usual features, twin hatches, drop down skeg, decklines, the reccess to take the Venture deck pod and a paddle park.

Jemma and Ewart discuss the Islay 14 with Tim from Pyranha/Venture kayaks. Production has started with boats in stock very soon.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Making a Venture Kayaks Easky 15

Here you can see the popular Venture Kayaks Easky 15 being made in the UK production facility. The Easky 15 is one of the UK's favourite Weekend touring kayaks. Perfect for lakes, slow moving rivers, Estuarys and light coastal work. This is part 1. Part 2 to follow.

Friday, 19 March 2010

New showroom taking shape

Our new 1500 sq-ft showroom took a step closer to being ready this week, when we laid the new carpet. We are now getting on with all the last few details, odd jobs and small fiddly bits ready for the grand opening on the 1st of April.

The new showroom takes shape

Our new showroom will enable us to display a wide range of fishing kayaks, sea kayaks, touring kayaks, large sit on kayaks and canoes. All the stuff that we currently stock, but just don't have the space to display well!

With more space to display larger canoes and kayaks

So why not join us for the grand opening on the First of April? More details can be found on the AS Watersports main website.

Plus lots of stock next door in the warehouse!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

New kayak -Venture Flex 11

We had a little visit from Tim from Pyranha last week. He brought with him some brand new kayaks and sit on tops. The most interesting was this new boat from Venture, the Flex 11.
This is a new general purpose touring kayak. By that we mean it can be used fro most touring stuff except prehaps very long journeys as it would be a touch slow. But out on the canal we found it had great acceleration and brilliant stability. The large volume made it very easy to get in and out and would suit even the largest paddler. Actually its a bit better for the larger paddler as for Kayleigh it felt a bit big. She was rattling around inside. Sam found it much nicer. In fact you can see he didnt want Kayleigh to have a go, holding on to the paddles to the last moment.

The Flex 11 comes after the Pyranha Fusion and is the touring version of that kayak. Whilst the fusion is GP/ white water the Flex is GP/touring.
It features a stern hatch which is massive, an elastic paddle or rod holder, deck elastics for chucking your map or wind proof under, the same excellent fliptop back band as its bigger sisters the Easky range and the recess for the Venture deck pod.

The hull has the same great characteristics as the Easky range with a nice flared bow, big wide flat section under the seat for initial stability and a nice keel line flowing in to the stern.

We have yet to take it for a long trip but will report back when we have. Failing that come and have a go your selves. All this for just £499 makes it a great day tripping boat with potential for more.