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Friday, 10 January 2014

Burn 3 Large - First Impressions

Andrew Bonney of Gene17Kayaking was keen to get his hands on our Pyranha Burn 3 Large Demo to give it a spin on one of the West Country's finest rivers, the East Lyn.

All Photos are of Andrew Bonney and taken by Nick Pearce.

Here is what he had to say:

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Anglers Afloat Competition Winner!

 Ewart ran  a quick off the cuff competition on Anglers Afloat this afternoon. Just for a bit of fun and to give some freebies away. "Like this" "Share that" Tag to win kind of nonsense. Just the first to send in a pic of your best catch so far this year.
The inbox was buzzing in no time at all (not even time for a cuppa) with pictures of fish.

1st place with a record response time. Lofty with a 10lb Cod. His first ever so not a bad effort.
Caught at night off  his Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7 xt  in Poole bay on a squid and maccy rigged Pennel. 
(He also let us know that the Typhoon Ps220 was from us and he enjoyed the grub at the deli next door! )

We have sent Lofty a Pyranha cap, key ring and Sticker. 

Next in, just 11mins behind was Cameron with this lovely Dace. Less than an inch shy of the British record length. So rightfully proud of this one. Good effort. Going by the reel it looks like it could have been caught on the fly?

 A cracking Thornback Ray from Andy Money.

 And where would we be in a kayak fishing comp without a Bass. This one from John was his first ever Lure caught fish!

Stay tuned to the Anglers Afloat forum for all your Kayak fishing events and meets. Its a great place to meet other anglers and paddlers to get and share information.


Friday, 18 May 2012

Venture kayaks Islay 14 1st look.

 Take to the water! Its not all hard graft here at A.S. We do get to splash about a bit as well. Ewart has a quick spin in the new Venture Kayaks Islay 14.

 Jemma paddling smooth, no splashing. The Islay  is the new boat from Venture. It has design elements taken from the very successful P+H Delphin, a slightly Scandinavian look and feel about it and is generally pretty nice to paddle.

 A square-ish stern thats rudder ready and you can see there is plenty of rocker.
A roundish hull through the mid section with soft edges with a vee'd bow and stern. Initial stability is moderate, not massive but secondary is very good. This boat should suit a paddler looking for a smaller day/weekend touring boat that will be a bit more fun on moving water. It's not anywhere near as responsive or manoeuvrable as the Delphin and feels less planted than the Easky 15 but feels forgiving and easy but not too boring at the same time. Does that make sense?

 All the usual features, twin hatches, drop down skeg, decklines, the reccess to take the Venture deck pod and a paddle park.

Jemma and Ewart discuss the Islay 14 with Tim from Pyranha/Venture kayaks. Production has started with boats in stock very soon.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Burn vs Shiva, Pyranhas big boats go head to head.

With the new Shiva gettting ready to roll off the production line this winter you may be undecided which boat is for you.

Heres a little more on how to choose the right boat for you.

Burn V Shiva (Rails V Round Hull)
It’s all about the paddler really, how do you paddle and how do you like your boat to respond?

The Burns hard, carving rails give a precise and controlled feel, letting you drive around the river easily and the flat hull lets you surf and ferry with style. Do you like to make every little micro eddy? Work the river and enjoy a stylish and technical run? Then the Burn is probably the one for you.

The Shiva on the other hand has a rounded hull, soft stern chines a massive rocker and loads of volume. These features give you softer landings on big drops, rear driving force when you want it, awesome boofability and resurfacing capability. If you are running big drops and pushing harder lines the Shiva is the one you want.

Shiva – Ultimate Steep Creeker

Rounded Hull – Forgiving - Gives softer landings on big drops.
Smooth Stern Chines - No rails to trip you up but the chines gives driving force when you need it.
Progressive Rocker - Easy to Boof and Flair over features.
High Volume Bow & Stern – rides easily over features, resurfaces quickly.
Stern release edge - Allows really fast lines for drive. Low profile deck – Easy to roll.

RRP £949.00

Burn – Precision Creek Machine

Flat Hull – Dynamic - planning surface for surfing and ferrying.
Hard Carving Rails – Precision carving capability around the river.
Aggressive Rocker – For great boofability.
Medium volume bow and stern – Punches through features.
‘V’ed deck – sheds water and resurfaces with control.
Reprofiled deck – Easy to roll.

Staff member Ewart getting to grips with some tight steep technical paddling in the Pyranha Burn.

That's what Pyranha say. We think if you are paddling in the South West either boat will be good but the Burn may just have the edge as we just don't have any big water falls but we sure have some great technical paddling.

Burns are instock in all sizes, and we are able to offer some great prices for these instock colours.

RRP £949.00 Very special offer: £799.00

Call now to see what colours we have instock

01392 219600

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

South West Canoe Show 2010, massive photo blog!

The South West Canoe show 2010 took place this weekend. As usual we had a great event, with lots of people, lots to see, lots of boats to try, lots of Hog roast and stunning weather. A big thanks to everyone that came along and to all of our suppliers for making it such a good event. Below, in no particular order, are some pictures of the event.

Demos were popular, us usual

Ergo racing entertained many

Lots of people took to the water throughout the day

The crowds were treated to great weather all day

There were plenty of boats to try from all our suppliers

Big dog kayaks

Andy Benhams' fishing kayak

Andy Benham with his new book, discover kayak fishing.

The Mighty Hog roast

Hummin Bird fish finders

Coaches, course providers and colleges in the Marquee
Jackson Kayaks

More Big Dog kayaks

More crowds and people demoing more kayaks

Nookie Paddle Gear

Palm Equipment

Perception kayaks

Pyranha and P&H kayaks

Prijon and Wilderness kayaks

Prijon kayaks

Pyranha kayaks

Sevylor inflatables

Someone else enjoying taking pictures of kayaks!

Valley Sea kayaks

Canoes, kayaks, sit on tops all on the water

Wilderness systems touring and sea kayaks

More Wilderness systems touring kayaks

Yak Paddle gear

Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Pyranah Varun Now in

We've just got our hands on the New Pyranha Varun kayak. The Varun is Pyranhas new 'Play the river' kayak. Designed to get you down the river, but play at every spot on the way. The Varun has it all, forgiving edges, speed and maximum playability to give any white water enthusiast an awesome time on the river. Slicey ends allow you to initiate all the classic vertical moves plus it has enough speed to run the river in style. A wide flat hull means that it will surf river and ocean waves really well, and the forgiving edges will help any paddler learn and progress.

Check out the Pictures Below.

The Varun is also available to buy online in the AS Watersports Online Shop

A longer, smoother profile will make the Varun quick on flatter sections and fast on waves

Classic Connect 30 Outfitting, for comfort and adjust ability

A wide flat hull means stability, and easy surfing.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pyranha Molan M now available

Fresh out of the packaging today, its the Pyranha Molan playboat. Pyranhas latest, most prototyped and tested playboat. The Molan is definitely from the new school wave orientated design school.

The hull is short and wide, which should make spins easy, and has enough Rocker front and rear to help it into the air.

Many people have been comparing it to the 2010 Jackson kayaks Star series, which from a quick glance is quite understandable. But if both boats are put side by side there are a range of differences. The Star has less rocker and less volume in the stern, and the Molan definitely offers more cockpit space, and a more positive feel.

We have a demo boat, as well as stock, so if you want to try before you buy why not give us a call and book it in now!
Check the specs in the AS Watersports online shop